Lanbao Customized Branded Carbon Fibre Telescopic Pole Anti UV Painted


Custom telescopic pole

Lanbao Customized Branded Carbon Fibre Telescopic Pole Anti UV Painted

Lanbao Customized Branded Carbon Fibre Telescopic Pole Anti UV Painted

The anti-rotation carbon fibre telescopic pole can prevent the pole from rotating during use even when clamp is open, can be customized with spray paint colors, colors can be customied.

Anti Spin pole also provide at least 15% stiffness than the traditional round tubes.

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    100% IN ADVANCE
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    Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Paint, Purple etc..
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    7 days
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Advantage of Anti Spin Pole:

  1. No paint spraying, non- toxic and non-pollution
  2. The surface can be made into various colors, the color is very bright, no fading and no color loss, it stays long period of time.
  3. UV-proof, chemical-proof, consistent with the performance of carbon fiber pole.
  4. Anti-abrasion; anti-scratch; anti-UV and no color fading.
  5. Each part has a built-in end protector to prevent your poles from being damaged by concrete when you put it down.
  6. Each color can be all made into a round tube and anti-spin product line.



FG=Fiberglass Extended Length Closed Length Handle Diameter Approx Pole Weight
FG1804 5.50m 1.54m 34mm 1400g
FG2004 6.14m 1.70m 34mm


FG2205 6.73m 1.54m 38mm 1800g
FG2505 7.53m 1.70m 38mm



CF=Carbon Fiber Extended Length Closed Length Handle Diameter Approx Pole Weight
CF2205 6.73m 1.54m 38mm 1550g
CF2505 7.53m 1.70m 38mm 1700g
CF3006 9.17m 1.75m 42mm 2150g
CF3507 10.52m 1.75m 46mm 2550g
CF5009 15.21m 2.0m 54mm 4050g
CF5510 16.68m 2.0m 58mm 4600g
CF6010 18.33m 2.35m 58mm 5050g


We use sturdy and secure packaging to ensure that your goods are delivered to you with perfect condition.




1. Q: How long it takes for production 1 sample order and shipped to us?

A: Sample order can be ready in 5 working days, delivery time is 6-9 working days.

2. Q:Are you a manufacturer or a trader? Can we visit your factory?

A: We are a professional manufacturer in Weihai, Shandong, starting from 2008. We warmly welcome all customers to visit our factory.

3. Q:Why should we buy from you, not from other supplier?


A:Our company has more than 15 years of experience producing carbon fiber poles and has a professional technical team to create products that satisfy customers. All production taken under ISO 9001 procedure. 6 Production line, 2 inspection line make sure can satisfy customer needs.


  After-sales service:

- Providing a toll-free hotline for customers to call with any product-related questions or concerns

- Providing a customer with a replacement part for a damaged product

- Offering a refund or exchange to unsatisfied customers


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Leave a Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.