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Company Employees Enjoy the Trip to Xi'an City

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Company Employees Enjoy the Trip to Xi'an City

Company Employees Enjoy the Trip to Xi'an City

February 19, 2024


Our entire company recently took a trip to Xi'an City to experience the rich culture and history of one of China's most ancient cities.

As a company committed to providing top-quality carbon fiber poles to our customers, we understand the importance of fostering a strong team dynamic and promoting a positive work-life balance. With this in mind, we organized a company-wide trip to Xi'an City to give our employees a chance to discover more about China's history and culture while enjoying a weekend away with their colleagues.

During the trip, we saw famous landmarks such as the Terracotta Warriors, the ancient city walls of Xi'an, and even the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. We also sampled traditional food from the region and had the opportunity to try our hand at calligraphy and other cultural activities.

The trip was a hit with our employees, who found it to be an excellent opportunity to bond with colleagues they don't see as regularly and to learn about the history and culture of China.

Our team has always been committed to providing excellent service to our customers and creating an enjoyable, rewarding work environment for our employees. This trip was an essential part of that commitment, allowing us to come together outside of the office and experience cultural bonds that could not be available in daily work life.

We believe that this trip to Xi'an City has fostered stronger relationships between our employees, promoting a positive company culture and ultimately benefiting our customers. Our team is grateful for this opportunity to explore one of China’s ancient cities and look forward to similar activities that promote stronger working relationships and collaborative spirit.


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