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What's the future of window cleaning?

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What's the future of window cleaning?

What's the future of window cleaning?

June 07, 2024

During the pandemic, the focus on touchpoint disinfection led to a neglect of other aspects of building cleaning. As more people return to offices, aesthetic aspects such as window cleaning have become important again. To help cleaning professionals stay up to date with trends in window cleaning, Interclean has outlined four notable trends.

The first trend is the adoption of pure water cleaning, which involves filtering tap water to remove impurities and using it to clean windows directly with a water-fed brush. This saves time and money while also being more sustainable.

The second trend is the use of cobotics, or machine technology, to assist with window cleaning. Cobotic exoskeletons can provide greater range of motion and lessen ergonomic strain for cleaners.

Drones are another trend in window cleaning, as they can potentially clean windows without human supervision. However, further advancements are needed to improve their cleaning solution and water capacities, as well as battery lifespan.

Finally, ultrasonic cleaning is a technology that can remove dirt from crevices without the need for additional cleaning solutions.

Overall, staying current with trends in window cleaning can help cleaning crews optimize their practices and maintain a fresh, aesthetic appearance in buildings.


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