What’s the history of water fed poles?

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What’s the history of water fed poles?

What’s the history of water fed poles?

April 09, 2024

The water fed pole is a tool used for cleaning windows and other surfaces without the need for ladders or other equipment that may pose safety risks. The use of water fed poles dates back more than a century, and the evolution of this tool has revolutionized the commercial cleaning industry.

In the early days of window cleaning, a hand-held squeegee was used to clean windows from the outside. This method worked fine for windows that were easily accessible from the ground, but presented challenges for those at higher altitudes. Ladders were used to reach the windows, but this was a hazardous method, as ladders can be unstable and pose a risk of falls. Harnesses were sometimes used to protect workers from falls, but these were also cumbersome and added time and expense to the job.

In the 18th century, a new method for window cleaning was developed. It was called the "ladderless" window cleaning system and was based on the use of wooden poles that were fitted with well wrung sponges and rags and dipped in water. The poles were then used to reach the windows from the ground. Workers were able to clean windows on the upper floors of buildings without risking injury, but the method was still limited in its effectiveness.

In the 20th century, technological advancements improved the water fed pole system. In the 1920s, window cleaning companies began to use gasoline-powered water pumps to create a higher pressure flow of water. A hose was attached to the water pump and then to a metal or wooden pole with a brush head at the end. The brush was used to clean the windows, while the water supplied through the hose rinsed away the dirt.

But the system was still heavy and labor-intensive, and there was a risk of damaging the building façade, cars, or pedestrians from the spray of water from the high-pressure pumps.

In the late 20th century, new materials such as aluminum and fiberglass allowed water fed poles to be produced with a stronger and lighter construction. This made it easier for workers to handle and maneuver, and the adjustable parts allowed for the poles to be extended and retracted as needed for different-sized windows.

It wasn't until the early 21st century when carbon fiber began to be used to make water fed poles that revolutionized the window cleaning industry. Carbon fiber is known for being lightweight and strong, which allows for long poles to be used without losing their rigidity. Carbon fiber is also corrosion and UV-resistant, making these poles ideal for use in harsh outdoor environments.

In addition, with the development of water deionization and filtration systems, the use of pure water through the water-fed pole has become commonplace. This results in a superior cleaning process, as the pure water dries without leaving any marks or streaks on the windows and removes any dirt, grime, or residue without the need for any chemicals.

With the evolution of technology and advancements in materials, the water fed pole system has become a valuable tool in the cleaning industry. It allows for windows to be cleaned safely and efficiently from the ground, without the need for ladders, scaffolding or other equipment, and with no damage to the façade of the building or any surrounding materials. It has also allowed for the cleaning of other hard-to-reach surfaces such as solar panels, signage, cladding, and fencing.

In conclusion, the water fed pole has a rich history of evolution, innovation, and advancement. Today, the technology continues to grow and improve with the development of more lightweight, strong materials and the use of pure water, making window cleaning and other high-up cleaning tasks safer, faster, and more cost-effective.


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