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How to clean your gutters?

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How to clean your gutters?

How to clean your gutters?

June 24, 2024

Why Is Gutter Maintenance Important?

A gutter with a gutter bracket full of wet leaves and pollen.

Leaves and twigs can build up over time and clog your home’s gutters and downspouts. You may also notice sections of the gutters are leaking, are sagging or have separated from the house. Gutters that aren’t working correctly can allow water to damage your roof, foundation and more.

If water doesn’t flow through the gutter system, it can collect under the roofing and damage shingles, underlayment and decking. Water under the roofing can also leak into your home, damaging ceilings, walls and floors, and allowing mold growth. In winter, water trapped in gutters can freeze, forcing ice back under the edge of the shingles and resulting in leaks when the warm air under the roof melts the ice. In addition, the weight of debris and accumulated water in a clogged gutter may cause it to pull away from the roof, creating gaps. Water can then cause damage and rot under the fascia that runs along the edge of the roof.

If clogged or damaged gutters allow water to reach your home’s foundation, the water can soften the ground, leading to cracks in the foundation. A damaged foundation can create more problems inside, including damaged floors, warped door and window frames, and cracks in walls. The water can also reach your crawlspace or basement, leading to more moisture and mold problems.

While poorly maintained gutters can cause expensive problems, you can avoid damage to your home, and the cost to repair it, if you follow a couple of simple steps.

1.Clean your gutters at least twice a year — once in the spring and then once again in the fall.

2. Check the gutters before and after heavy rain showers to make sure they’re still clear.

How to clean your gutters?

1.With an Extension Pole

As long as your gutters are not thoroughly clogged, you can clean them successfully with a garden hose. For the best results, it’s important that the hose be equipped with the proper attachment (a rigid tube with a curved end). By using an extension, such as the GutterMaster Telescopic Water Fed Pole, you can stand on the ground, not on a ladder, as you work. Start at the end nearest the downspout, spray out the entire channel length, and then work your way back to the downspout. Expect some mess—water, leaves, and small twigs are likely to spray over the sides of the gutter, so dress appropriately.

2.With a Ladder

Climbing on a ladder to clean the gutters isn’t as safe as cleaning them from the ground because there’s always a risk of falling. To reduce the risk, it’s essential to use the right ladder. Avoid using a step ladder, which can tip. Instead, use a sturdy telescoping ladder that has been fitted with stabilizer arms. These arms can be purchased separately and attached to standard extension ladders. One such example is the Louisville Ladder Stabilizer, which braces the ladder against the siding and keeps it from slipping to the side. In addition, it’s a good idea to have an assistant on the ground who can hold the ladder to stabilize it, and hand you tools as you need them.

3.By Hand

To clean gutters by hand, you’ll need a ladder, bucket, gutter scoop (or garden trowel), and heavy-duty work gloves. Little by little, take out the leaves and debris, placing what you remove into the bucket. Finally, flush the gutters and downspout with water until you are certain both are functioning correctly. 


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