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Why chose a carbon fiber water fed pole?

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Why chose a carbon fiber water fed pole?

Why chose a carbon fiber water fed pole?

June 17, 2024

In recent years, more and more professional window cleaning workers replace their aluminum pole into carbon fiber pole. What's the reason of this situation?
As a traditional water fed pole material, aluminum is a great kind of material. It's low cost and much lighter than other metal. It will undoubtedly be superior when compared to other metallic materials. It's just a shame that it's carbon fibre that's up against it in the ring.

Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole

1. Light Weight
Carbon fiber only has a density that is nearly half of that of aluminum. Yes, only a half ,the difference between the different models may be even greater.
When you're holding up a 30ft pole to clean your windows, would you rather the pole was 1.5kg or 3kg? The answer is obvious. To make the cleaning job less difficult and to speed up the cleaning process, carbon fibre is undoubtedly a perfect choice!

2. Sturdy and durable: Carbon fiber is extremely strong and durable, making water fed poles made from this material long-lasting and resistant to damage. Carbon fiber poles are less likely to break or crack compared to aluminum or fiberglass poles.

3. Non-conductive: Carbon fiber is an insulating material, making carbon fiber water fed poles non-conductive, even when wet. This makes them safer to use when cleaning buildings near electrical wires.

4. High reach: Carbon fiber water fed poles are available in lengths that extend up to 80 feet, allowing cleaners to reach upper levels of a building without the need for scaffolding or ladders.

5. Chemical resistant: Carbon fiber water fed poles do not corrode when exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals, which makes them ideal for use in industrial cleaning.

6. Minimal maintenance: Carbon fiber water fed poles require minimal maintenance, and are easy to clean and store.

Overall, carbon fiber water fed poles offer a combination of strength, durability, and lightweight design features that make them a perfect choice for water fed pole cleaning.


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